Doing as I am told.

My mom and his wife

By the time I sit here, I have forgotten what I wanted to blog about.

Oh, now I remember. A few things. I have never quarrelled with anyone, and actually have that quarrel come through into resolution.

I mean this quarrel went to the extent of  ‘F*** your mother’ told to me. I answered back, ‘My mother’s dead, why F*** her? Go F*** your own wife.’

Heh. That was with the owner of a storage facility, who could be really petty. Things had been brewing for months. I thought it was resolved but he picked up again. So this time, I really gave it to him. Hence the quarrel up above. I drove my point, he said I was being unreasonable. He backed down to his original position as was a resolution before, and we went back to our reasonable respectable selves and apologized for the misunderstanding. There was some. I had thought he…, he had thought I ….

Anyway, the issue was resolved and put away for good, the other thing he requested was reasonable and I was totally happy to oblige, no problem.

So I was quite dazed, usually I don’t go into quarrels. If one comes up and will keep coming up, I will walk away. So this is the first time that a quarrel actually shone the light and broke through to a new respect. For me, he gets off my back and stops bugging me, and for him, I pay my dues on time and continue to be a good customer. I went for coffee and celebrated.


Okay, what’s the other thing?

Oh yes, the peculiarity of time.  Strangely, really strangely, time stretched today. I felt I had so much time and plenty of time left over.



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