Doing as I am told.

Life’s Fantastic Puzzles

Today is a strange day. Well every day is a strange day to me, because everyday is different, the chemistry between me and the day.

Today I am quite happy. Is it the fact that I get to sit in the semi shade of the trees and still getting part of the sun while sipping hot tea and reading a book by the sidewalk, feeling the cool breeze of the outdoors? For a moment, I am in a lifestyle, a holiday in a place far away, just reading a book.

But I love the weather. Cool wind but with the warm sun on my skin.

Today I went to fight class. I went there and stood again. It seems that I need very little attention of my teacher, I just ask him what I need, he corrects and teaches me in great detail, and he can leave me on my own because for the next 2 hours after that, I am just practising that one movement. Then I met another off duty trainer who was there practising too. I could feel his genial love. So my genial love and his genial love met and if you were watching a Japanese anime, then there might be warm fuzzy love that extends to the corners of the universe. He is a powerful fighter but he trains and teaches with love and a smile. Everybody loves him, actually sometimes so much that I get jealous !

Actually, the love I talk about is the universal love. The kind that encompasses all. When your heart is full of such love, and you connect or meet another also of such love, the effect just spreads out wide open.

He was kind, he gave me kind words of me giving without expecting back. I replied I am not altruistic, give me stuff and nonsense and..( I showed him my fist)

I told you I am exploring Love, and I find it just grand. Really fantastic grand.

I told you I had problems with Time, so I decide to do without it. Well I need it for purposes of communication with another human being, but for myself, I am dropping that concept. I read today that a flower that blooms only for a day, transforms in that day. But a rock transforms also by weather and elements over time. So time is immaterial, transformation takes place. Everything in its own time. All beautiful.

I am not so laid back a person because for somethings my standards are really high, and I can get really aggressive push, especially when it comes to the self, but this helps me understand that, where it doesn’t take my push and not within my control, let it unroll itself. Time does not matter. Only with time is there Pressure. Pressure is destructive when it is not applied with care and purposefully.

Man, I love physics. I am so glad that one scientist had a talk with me at the request of my mom, a family friend, he said to me, choose science, not commerce or arts. And am I glad I did so. I have quite a scientific mind which works great with a floaty mind. But I do love crime solving and forensics and who dunnit?

My, do I digress. But do I love my life. It is so interesting. (To me obviously)

Did I mention in my about page that I am puzzled by life? Well, I guess a long way I have come from that day when I started my Postaday2011, somewhere in the middle of it.

Life is curiously too interesting.


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