Doing as I am told.

Sweating the Brain

Absolutely nothing of significance I have to say today.

My days have been full. Today, it’s all about ice skating. New improvements, new sore areas. Mainly tough work, nothing new. I can’t even remember what I learnt. But I will once I get on the ice again. That’s what a great workout does. It shuts the mind down from overthinking. Ever wondered where that phrase, ‘brawn but no brains’ come from? It must be from days of old when people toiled living off the earth and after a good days physical work, sleep deep and start again early the next morning. You want a natural brain shutter off-er ? Try workouts. They do a much better job than pills does for shutting down over thinking. The body feels great too, that is, after the oohs and ahhs of the workout. But even that is a great satisfaction in itself. But for excellent athletes, there is much fine thinking involved, exact, feeling, figuring and trying out the best ways and techniques to get better. Well, okay, I always liked the sports that require mental skill. I mean the gym and running on the treadmill for me really makes me stupid, as in, it bores me no end. My brain gets hungry loving to figure things out. Gym kills it.

Anyway, today, I…

Watched a movie, bought a book, bought Silent Witness and another Swede crime series.

Ever wonder how I get my spot on problem solving skills? Must be all these years since I was a kid, of books and tv about crime and investigations.

There is a logic to it. The little grey cells.

Enid Blyton, Alfred Hitchcock, Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle, Dick Francis (surprise surprise, I didn’t know I’d be interested in the race track but I was) , these were the basis of my formative years in books.

Now if I just want to relax, I’d just watch a tv crime series since there is a comfortable fomula involved and I don’t have to think too hard.

If I need to relax, I can’t take surprises and emotional angst, too great a suspense and whatever twisted twisties other genres can come up with.



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