Doing as I am told.

Drawing Blood

My body felt out of sorts so I did not go for ice skate practice today. I had plenty of free time instead, and bored myself out of my mind. I went to the library, checked out the books, and found some fight books which I flipped, and then I understood what I was learning. And how the concepts were applied and why we were doing what we were doing. How one applies one killer technique and how that technique can be countered and on and on.

So I went for fight class today, and had a great sparring with a classmate, and of course I enjoyed it. Now it makes sense what I was learning and I get to win the guy over and over again ! (with the same flaws of his till he gets it..then I would have to find a new way to defeat him) It kinda happens very fast, you develop the feel and watch the reactions. Now I have reason for what I am learning. Now I get the adrenalin. I love the adrenalin. It makes me forget everything else. I drew blood……his lip ! Ok. Just a teensy bit.





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