Doing as I am told.

Postaday2011 is a Great Idea !

This is my third attempt to write this post. I w0nder why that is? Is it because I am more picky about what I write? That would be a pretty good outcome of the postaday2011 challenge for me.

It’s not hard for me to throw things out on the web posts but I like to feel what I write. I couldn’t complete my previous 2 attempts because I couldn’t feel what I wrote. I was writing from an ideas point and also for the sake of having something to say. I like to feel what I write. It makes it real, alive and current.

I don’t really have any idea just yet what to write about, but the important thing to me is, I feel. And as I feel, I am sure a topic would turn up.

Ice skating is always a great topic. There is always something new I have learnt or discovered. Fight class is always interesting because I never know what I would feel from each class. I usually wonder why I am still there, I have stuck so long with it because I have paid up for a year, so there is nothing much else to think about but to attend when I feel like it, and if it gets too much for me, I can always slow my attendance.

I could talk about stress because it turns out that the fight class is quite a stressor for me since I never know how I would feel about it. What keeps me going is, I actually do improve.

I could talk about personal evolution because I just realized I have come quite a ways  from what I used to be, and what I used to be, the fantastic drama queen could be someone I don’t quite recognize today. What was life and death to me now and forever more is these days a swat of an annoying fly on my nose.

I am pleased about people in my sphere of influence, how we are getting on in personal evolution and leaving behind who we were, struggling, always in dilemma, considered stupid, annoying, insecure and now becoming our selves in freedom and joy, in authority of our selves and our own spheres of influence on stable ground for others.

How we arrived to that is also a long tale. But basically, hard work, perseverance and really, really wanting to be better persons.

See, it’s not really so much where we came from. We can all come from all sorts of dysfunctions but it is really where we want to head. This is because as we know, the abused become abusers, the downtrodden becomes the next oppressors. You know anyone with sad and feel sorry for pasts who have become  meanies and nasties?

So you see, for me, it ain’t where you came from, but where you are heading that gets my attention. You are a victim of your past, or you are future force to be reckoned with. I know which I am. Do you ?

You wanna break the curse of the generations ? Start with you.

Hmm. I found my voice. Postaday2011 did it !


2 responses

  1. «You are a victim of your past, or you are future force to be reckoned with. I know which I am. Do you ?» ….wow, powerful!

    December 28, 2011 at 12:19 am

    • Smaaak

      Power to you !

      December 28, 2011 at 4:34 am

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