Doing as I am told.

The Postaday2011 Exercise

Postaday2011 has been a good exercise for me. I find myself getting more selective about what I write, and how I write it. There are a thousand things that could have happened in a day, which shall I pick to write, if at all ?

I could make it a  dump site, just throwing out the stuff that is the terrible state of the world. But I found that I am not inclined to add to the already terrible state of the world. Unless I can make an art out of it and turn it into a humor post.

I find that as I go through my day, and as my day ends, I think about what that may be worth writing, and why I should be writing it. There are more thoughts about putting it down.

It may not yet show as clearly in my blog posts but there is considerably more of the behind the scenes selection going on. That’s what’s important. That’s what will decide the writing of future posts.

I already told, I’d found my voice. Now I am beginning to feel my style.

In this way Postaday2011 has been successful for me, but I believe its people would prefer me to have beautiful pics accompanying my posts too. Pics would have to wait. I have not yet he inspiration to turn on my photographic eye, as well as the equipment for it. (Even if it is just a cable connection !)



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