Doing as I am told.

More Standing

Today I enjoyed my standing class. The teacher saw that my  basic form was now acceptable, so he started to teach me now to do it using even less effort. Minimal effort to execute the same standing motions. Wow, he is teaching me the Invisible method. That which cannot be seen and can be quite perplexing to think about. If you had to lift you arm and move it, you would need muscle power to execute those motions wouldn’t you? Now he is telling me that  I am still using too much muscle power when in my mind, I am already using the minimal. I mean any less and my arm would drop. Isn’t that mind boggling ? But strangely, a few hours in, I got it. I got the concept of it. Two weeks, I told him, over the Christmas and New Year’s break, I will deliver a much improved version. I am not sure I can get it so significantly better because the concept is pretty not so easy to grasp. How do you manipulate something Invisible? How do you use power much less than your minimal ? It’s like this, you got to let the arm travel out by itself without much input from you. Ya know what I am sayin’? Yea, like that !

I told the teacher, sometimes I feel it is futile an exercise, because there is no end to it and there is no particular reason for it. But like today, I felt a tangible improvement and a tangible goal, so again I am encouraged to plod on.

It’s very interesting to me because every time I learn a new concept, a correction, an improving point, I get to do the whole form as new all over again applying the concepts. In this way, it never gets boring.

You might be able to tell that I love the body, how it works, how amazing it is. I am sad when it is taken for granted over a lifespan and then diseases ride it and all sorts of things befall it.


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