Doing as I am told.

The Holidays

Christmas, I love Christmas. It is the quietest day in the whole year, especially Christmas morning. The drunken revelers are still in bed, no hustle and bustle on the streets till it is lunch time. It is an awesome holiday.

I read a book on ice skating, things that could improve my skating, but it was only about a chapter or two that is useful, because I am still feeling my skates, not yet spinning nor jumping.  Then I read another book standing up, because it was a picture book, about my fight art. So I have more understanding what I am learning. I was in the sun, in the cold breeze, under some shade and the sea. Yes I can take on a fight now, no problem. But I won’t know what to do with a knife or a gun. I would need Krav Maga for that.

I love learning.

I also notice that I am changing too obviously, so I watch myself with peculiarity. It has to do with Time, my responses, my thoughts, how I feel about things, how things affect me.

For example, I used to like to veg out on holidays, watching videos the whole day, no problem. But now, I get restless. Watching videos have no longer the same effect on me. Neither do I want to do something for filling up space. So in a way, I am quite floaty these days.

I have a bit of Mr Monk in me, who doesn’t I wonder. So while I love to float about, I guard that freedom jealously, I also need and like some sort of routine. When my routine changes a tad too much, it disorients me. I am not the kind that likes to plan things a year in advance. Or set a time to do something.

You can see I am forever trying to figure myself out, but it’s a never ending thing because I am always evoluting. (Some one came up with an even better word. Evolting !)

I find that I represent human kind. So I am curious of this creature called human kind and I am my own curiosity. Because I do wonder a lot about people and how the world revolves with them in it.

I am very happy for the coming year. Each year gets only better for me. Because my mind frees itself from baggage more and more, quite like how I would like to lighten my life in different ways. It is getting quite light now leaving me in some  disorientation as I have to familiarize myself with the new weight difference.

Since I love books, that would be where I am most unwilling to let go of for the moment. But I do some by giving them to the library as soon as I have read them.

So for the holiday, my mind drifts, thinking about this and that. Lighten my load. That seems like a good resolution for the new year.


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