Doing as I am told.

Holiday Mornings

I love the holidays. As I said, Christmas holidays are the quietest times of the year. Quiet from the hustle and bustle of people and traffic.  I really really love it. I went out for breakfast, and took my other library fight photo book with me.

I stood by the sea, I found two discarded poles, I found a tree and voila, there is my practice enemy. The discarded poles being arms of my opponents. The tree being the body where I can wedge my poles and also potential punch target (first I have to find a pad for  some protection between my knuckles and the rough tree bark)

I stood there, one hand reading the book for instructions, the other doing the practice with the tree. Isn’t it awesome? What a sight I must be making. If I had a camera, I would capture that picture.

After I was done, I thought about the pivoting that I see the instructors and seniors doing. And suddenly I found an insight to my ice skating problems.

I could sit back and go backwards on the right side very well. But I am quite clumsy on my left. I could not find the proper way. I wasn’t sure what the matter was. But as I tried out the pivot, comparing the right pivot to the left, little by little, I started to pinpoint the problem.

Wow, such a thing as balance, what an intricate detail. That is why our feet has so many little bones in it. We weren’t meant for flat footed walking or running on hard pavement. Anyone needs orthotics  ?

I could pivot right so effortlessly and well. I was clumsy on the left. On the right, as I pivoted, I found myself sitting at the back of the foot. But for the left, the weight ended on the ball of the foot. Oh. A few more times I tried it, it seems then that I wasn’t not able to sit backwards on my left when I ended the motion. I was leaning forwards.

It took me another little while to pinpoint the problem to a stiffer left knee, that would not allow the agility of the twist. Like an unoiled hinge.

Another little while to notice that when I turned into the position, it’s the way I got into it. What it required was turning following the infinity sign. Or the figure 8. That means the weight from the middle turning in early into the twist and ending up on the back of the foot, from this foot, to the middle and heading to the back of the other foot. This is necessary to ensure the continous smooth weight transfer from one side to the other.

I did this on dry land in my boots. Now to get that on skates. It is harder to find this out on skates because it is just too slippery and cannot be performed in very slow motion.

Hmm. I must consider my morning routine. This a great start to the day.


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