Doing as I am told.

Deliberate Day

Today I feel I have nothing to say. Perhaps my energies are being used internally to gear me up to thinking through and putting a stop to what is stuff and nonsense in my face. It has to do with my fight class actually.

I have mentioned my on and off love hate relationship with the place. I think it has come to a head and the bother is more than the reward. Even if it is equal, it would still be a loss. There should be a net gain from it.

I think I shall not say anything for now, as I feel evil trying to spew forth from my mouth through my fingers. Yes that is how seethed I am. Today is not a funny day. But it is a deliberate day.

That is the great thing about it. Deliberate. Stopping stuff and nonsense and making a call, not the phone kind. Decisions. I paid up for a year, but their stuff and nonsense really gets to me. So if I walked away, stop loss, I would save me a lot of soul trouble from them. Then I wouldn’t have to pay a mind doctor to ‘cure ‘ me.  There is nothing that contributes to fitness about it at all.

Funny isn’t it, the fitness that they  sell me is actually giving me mental stress.


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