Doing as I am told.

Postaday is Alive… YAY !

Ooh… Postaday is Alive ! That’s real cool. Now I have to reorganize again. Writing does mean having an opinion. This year I have a theme for the Project 365. It is to be Opinionated. Hey, if I am afraid to offend anyone and end up speaking a lot of nothings, that is wasting everybody’s read time isn’t it?

I was once afraid to speak out because I was afraid I was wrong. Or more correctly when I was younger, assumed everyone else knew more than I do. Yea, what self esteem heh….

Then I was afraid to offend. That was what I found out from last year’s Postaday.

Another part, I was afraid of the responses once I spoke up. So this year, I will speak up, see what the responses are and respond accordingly.

Nothing ventured nothing gained. See how useful Postaday practice is ? Too important. At first I thought it acted like a journal. But because I knew I was read, it wasn’t a true journal. I couldn’t really speak of my thoughts and what I am thinking about, what questions I am asking.  The lessons shape themselves, so my idea about my writing becomes clearer as I write in Postaday.

I write to discover What I want to write. I write to discover How I want to write.

So this year’s output should be of better quality. Let’s hope that I can manage a few pictures in as our WP supporters have explained to us. Maybe now I really have to get that Iphone 4s that I have been avoiding for so long since it is point and shoot and download it to the Mac.

The Adventure has started.


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