Doing as I am told.

Postaday :)

I like Postaday. I have already gained from it. I found myself making a decision to press the ‘Publish’ button or not.  Postaday2011 had me publish for publish sake, hoping to fulfill the day’s quota. It’s great because it enables me to see what I actually spew out and of what quality it is, how I feel vs what comes out, how I feel being read and following that, how do I continue my next posts. So, for the next year, I actually can sit and think about the post and can decide to write the same post in draft form in a better way before I hit publish.

So Postaday for me is still about the Practice of Writing, Blogging, and not so much yet about perfection of a Freshly Pressed. I think I am the kind of person that once I hit Freshly Pressed standard, I can quit. Because I attained already. I love the process so much more.

Yes, I do edit more, press the backspace more and reword my sentences.I do actually wait hours, overnight even before I hit Publish. So some  potential posts get the bin. Now I feel somewhat more of a Real Writer.

I love words. So it can’t be helped that I am focused on words making a picture and therefore I can see that I am not on the lookout for photo taking opportunities worth a blog. I know that if I focus, it is a matter of Focus, I can get into the project of a photoblog. But it’s not in my focus, it means, I will hardly see the phototaking opportunities that are in my sight.

Postaday is helping my dream come true. I become a sharper writer and being a Published Author comes all that nearer !


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