Doing as I am told.

Crumpled balls of drafts

Well, I have had about 10 crumpled balls of figurative drafts on the floor for two days of postaday. I think if I don’t commit something down to post, there will be nothing to post.

Writing seriously is no easy task. I was trying to be a little bit more serious. I can’t just find any 5 minutes to swing in a post and be done for the day. Writing takes time. I mean when I sit down and write, minutes will go by, chunks of minutes. Therefore if I am to write anything decent, time really has to be allocated to it.

This is now different. Before I would allocate the time and find that I have nothing to write about.

But now I want it to happen and I have substance to make it happen. I can’t say it is content yet, because I haven’t actually formed anything . Just some ideas here and there. I saw a thing called Scrivener that is on the sidebar of a blogger, but if I paid for it, would that mean I am stuck at one computer with that program? See I do move about and tend to use multiple computers. So such a sophisticated program would not be of much use to me.

I think Postaday is great because it keeps my writing engines oiled so that it won’t take too much for me to veer off and begin writing serious stuff.

On another note, I had quit my drum teacher and bass guitar teacher, but now found another who plays, performs, composes and teaches all three (including a guitar).

He asked me my goals. I said I want to be able to write music that is so moves the heart, but I start from level zero. I wonder if that is possible. He said, take the guitar, it will help you understand music. Falling into bass will be much easier and as for drums, it can wait.

I said ok. So I left my music future in his hands. I am very happy about it. Here is one dream come true that I have never dreamed could happen to me. It is happening. Well, I am strumming out some very beautiful notes on the guitar already.

If you asked me what I wake up excitedly to, it is actually learning. I love learning. I love being under a fantastic teacher. Teachers who can help me reach the stars.

Learning is such a fantastic experience, especially coming from nothing and the Teacher recognizes how you need to learn.

I think it is absolutely fantastic when I can tell a Teacher. Ok, I follow you. Teach me, show me, decide how it is best for me. Work with me.

It is absolutely great to be able to find a Teacher like that. So this teacher looks promising, because he doesn’t have his own mind how he wants to teach me, removed from me. For example, he saw that I was strumming the guitar but not looking at the strings, hence I kept picking the wrong string to strum. Instead of telling me ‘look at the strings’, he went along with me and showed me how to feel for the strings without looking at it. So this Teacher is like my Ice Skate teacher who just threw me out as maximum as I like to fly, and correcting me in places where I struggled. He did not restrain me. I was restrained by my lack naturally. So he just picked up, and we go on.

Another from the fight class. I told that I was quitting. I told one teacher and then I went to tell another Teacher because I didn’t want to suddenly disappear when they have put effort into me and looked me well as a promising student.

The other fight teacher is actually affiliated and not involved in the business. He was just volunteering.

I told him I came to tell him I was quitting. I was almost in tears. He asked what happened. I said that my experience of going to that school is splitting up my psyche and stressing me out. So much for training my body, what’s the point when it is driving me mentally mad? He looked at me and said it is a waste, he felt it was a waste. He said that I was just getting it. By ‘it’ it meant something that usually students take years to get it or not at all. And I was getting it, just beginning to show it. I was an earnest student. He took joy seeing me work so hard and improving. He had been at the art for many years and himself is a matured person. Past the wanting to impressively fight younger phase which the school is.

He said, why don’t you follow me? I said, if I followed you, it wouldn’t make much sense to me because you are teaching me the soft art. Without the fight part, it wouldn’t be much fun. I asked him, if I followed him, would he be able to teach me the art in all its forms? He said yes. I said ok. I follow you then. He would teach me the basics, the foundations and that was what he had been doing all this time, correcting my form. When those things are right, it doesn’t take much to apply it into the fight style.

Then proceeded to tell the other that belonged to the school that I was following this teacher. They had forgotten that I was a paying customer to the school. You know the type, sell you in and when you pay up for the year, they proceed to forget you and their attention is on other new potential customers. What a rip off. Yes, that’s what it was. They weren’t really qualified to teach because in martial arts, you really have to be really really good before you can open a ‘dojo’. They are young folks with a good idea to make a buck slotting martial arts in gym style classes per hour.

These I understood later.

Anyway, I am happy that I have the time to write this. I feel the substance and the joy of writing, not for the postaday commitment, but the love of being able to post this.

Oh, also for the ice skating, the coach has given me the thumbs up, I am on the next level. I am now stable on the skates and he is starting to give me sequences. Hurrah !





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