Doing as I am told.

Continuity of Writing

My skating, the continuity of my activities seems to be the continuity of my writing. If I can think of nothing else to post, I can go back to my staple what to write about without digging or thinking too deep and hard.

My staple seems to be my learning activities.

After the magnificent feeling of being on ice previously, I attended the next lesson feeling uncoordinated. I can go fast yes, but I do not feel the control. My legs, trunk and arms do not seem to be working in synchronicity. I could feel what was wrong but I did not know how to correct it or how it should be right. I told my coach this and asked him why  I felt like I am being thrown to side of the container hoping for dear life not to get thrown out of my balance, because going fast has very high momentum,  while on the other side, I can stay at the center of the centrifugal force. I feel so graceful on the other side. I know I look good too.

After he told me what to correct, I thought about how it looks like I am going two steps back and one step forward. I thought how it isn’t actually the case because, I had become sensitive to what was missing in that higher level of skating. The thing that had always been my problem right from the beginning, that got away but now is not allowed to get away because I need it. So I will focus on these things. It has to do with my left hand side balance whether I turn or go backwards on it.

I haven’t totally figured it out yet. I have to feel it out when I am in the park.

As for my guitar, my fingers are sore, but I hear my tune now. The melody. I still miss a string up on both hands, but that’s because I had learnt first the bass guitar where the space between the strings are further apart.

That’s so much for now. I got to get going.


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