Doing as I am told.


I realize I will never be a fiction writer. I think they call it Creative Writing. I could try to dig up the myriad reasons why. I have been thinking about this through the years. I have borrowed, read and owned books about creative writing, the plot, the characters, the suspense, the hero, the failure, the conflict,  the triumph the resolution but in the end, Fiction is not for me to write. For me to enjoy yes, but not for me to write. It is quite a relief to know this.

This year will be a great fantastic year for me. It is about paring down to essentials and priorities and paring away wishful thinking.

Wishful thinking is me writing a fiction account.

That’s because, I take Shakespeare seriously. The whole world’s a stage, we are but players in it. I am so busy creating my own real fiction, why would I want to make the other stuff up? I mean the whole world is a funny, sad, cruel, weird and unimaginable drama. Same for both, greats and horrids.

I am happy I will not be writing fiction !

But I can imagine me being a Rock Star ! I declared today, I will be a Rock Star at 60. Isn’t that cool !

Just because I have a music teacher who is 5 in 1. He plays and can teach the drums, bass guitar and guitar. He composes and performs too. He can teach. He has a good eye and a quick sensible mind. For example, he asked me why there was a difficult pause between strumming one note to the other. If all things go well, there should be no gap. I said, how is the ring finger going to isolate itself to play one note, between the ring finger and the middle finger, it was hard to coordinate, not to mention isolate to pluck the strings.

He immediately gave me an exercise that trains just the ring and the middle finger.

When I had my first lesson with him, I was not looking at the strings to pluck. I had forgotten I was supposed to look at them. Were we? I was too busy looking at the notes he gave me and running my fingers by those notes. He noticed this and taught me how to feel for the right strings in the right places. See, he is an observant teacher. I like that. He is not pedantic. He cuts straight to the point and works with his student. Me. He is good enough to be creative how to get me to learn and push me. I like that.

Oh, I am going to be a Rock Star? Where did this idea come about? Just because I can now start playing the second song. Each time better and better. Each time my ear listens to the quality of the sound, each time, I correct the off sounds. As much as the skin on my fingers can take it. I realize that I couldn’t press too well the finer strings because they cut into the flesh. I am playing the steel guitar. He suggested I get the nylon stringed ones first. But my choice was due to the quality of the sound when the string is hit.

See, you have me, the very able, smart and hardworking learner. I have a fantastic teacher. I have the focus , desire, dedication and the time for it. Add all these together, The Rock Star is indeed possible. I already own the drum set, the bass guitar and the guitar. So, on the subject of what I will not do,  if I had to choose between learning music or learning to make the website.  The website can take a back seat.

I will be a Published Author. My pencil is being sharpened everyday. Postaday is my pencil. I can write and write till writing to be read becomes second nature for me.

I am so going to enjoy 2012 and beyond !



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