Doing as I am told.

The Teacher, the Student

If a student can recognize a great teacher, likewise the teacher will recognize a great student. I have not mentioned my fight school for a while now. It is no longer a fight school. Did I just say fight school ? Oh my, it is now a club for well being and posture. Now how did that happen ? I mean think about it, I joined the school because I hoped that someday in my dreams, I could participate in MMA assuming my skills became sufficient. I don’t see how the well being and posture part emphasis could contribute anything to it. And I haven’t even gone six months in the year with a year paid up.

I had told that I was quitting the school because their split minds split my own mind. Definitely no well-being for me. I had gone to tell one of the external teachers with whom I learnt well goodbye.  He had told me what a waste, I was just getting into the crux of the art. He said to me, follow him. I said, he was only teaching one part, without the other parts, it would  make no sense for me. I do like the fight part if only to play with reflexes and speed. I then asked if I were to follow him, could he impart to me the whole basic art of the fight? He said yes.

This week I met him again in his class. He asked me about the main school. I said I have nothing more to do with them. The only thing left was whether to ask for my money back. I am clear when I make a cut. I cut. He said to me, he won’t be using this place anymore. I asked where he was going to, that I would follow him. I hoped that it wasn’t on the account of me that he was making the decision. He said no.

He said he hasn’t told the school yet.

The other students asked him where he would hold his classes. Someplace else where he would pay for the use of a studio.

Basically his own Master’s school.

I have no idea where that is and I care not. He is my Teacher now and that is all that matters.

He asked me what I meant when I asked if he would teach me the whole art form. What did I have in mind?  I gave him some of my thoughts but I left it to him. I trusted him to teach me to the next levels in whatever form he felt fit for me. I said I have no goals and I am in no hurry. I believe he is giving birth to his own school which he has every right and in every position to. Along with a few other students, I am quite happy to be his first students. He will keep to the tradition of the school and not have the art mutated into the ‘health and posture’ club.

I left feeling quite alright. I left with the feeling that I am glad to be alive and happy to be me. I like that I can leave my learning to my teacher. I know what I want to learn and I can leave it for the Teacher to make decisions how to teach me and where.

It is lovely when you can trust the Teacher and the Teacher can trust you.

It goes both ways.

The Teacher loves to impart. The students loves to learn.





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