Doing as I am told.

Not Long-Winded

Where and how shall I start today’s post ? Obviously, my last post was very long winded with ‘he said, I said’ told in chronological order. That’s what happens if I try to write of something that just happened. If I waited longer, I could make a summary of it, or add further insights but I might also forget the whole incident.

2012 is a very exciting year for me. Everything happens on my behalf or I have finally the ability to make things happen. Ability, like it is something special. Yes for me it is something very special. I am a person whose head is in the clouds most of the time. That’s not true, if I was in the clouds, I would have my view of the earth obscured and therefore I should be in the perfect position to Write Fiction. But no, what I mean is, I think about things most of the time as when I observe them. But it takes a lot more to actually ‘do’ things.

This year,  patience and perseverance belongs to me. That’s because for most of my life I fretted and strived and by now I have seen that no matter what, everybody ends up the same place. Since I have already achieved for my own satisfaction, everything else is a bonus. Fretting just makes life no fun.

So that is where  Time became aplenty for me, to do the very practical things one by one, step by step for example completing a non-fiction book.

The fun thing is, once I pay attention and move without hurry but with purpose, everything I do just happens faster. Everything falls into place faster. Whatever I want done happens faster.

It’s Real Cool.

You know, Effortless almost.

Oh, I believe by effortless, I mean I achieve something without feeling the drudgery of achieving it, without feeling my trudging steps and the  subsequent ‘what is the meaning of life’. Obviously there is great effort, energy, time and focus but because it is so much fun, and I am so into it, I don’t feel it. And Voila, I achieved it. It’s like magic. How did I get there? I forget that I really worked at it. That’s the thing. It doesn’t feel like work at all. Just a lot of fun.

The fun is probably mine alone because if I am in focus and concentrated, woe is to anyone who gets in my way and disturbs me.

I see this in my skate and fight classes. I laugh and joke around, play the fool, and people think I am easy going. Till I suddenly when I am concentrating hard to get something right, I transform into an ogre and they wouldn’t know what hit them. I am easy going till I am disturbed !

They say I am a quick learner. Not really, I just work very, very hard, fully concentrated on the task.

Yes, but I call it Effortless. Because I surprise myself too. It never used to be this easy for me. I belonged to the kind that would slog and slog and still get nowhere. There was no way for me to even be competitive. I wouldn’t know how to begin.

But I paid my dues. I took no shortcuts in life. I advanced slowly but surely. Not the Tortoise type style but the Hare. I am everywhere but somehow I get there. Via Principles in order. Plus I questioned everything and everyone.

So, how’s my guitar and ice skating?

I delivered the right moves that I was thinking about, I picked up so much speed. I thought my Coach would be happy. Alas, coached picked up on something else, also on the left side, this one I had great difficulty with. I knew something was off. He tried to show me, explain to me, but this time I had no clue what he was talking about. I didn’t know how to correct the problem. Frustration. Rare, but Frustration it was. It was the same problem as I explained earlier, if I went fast and then turned on one leg, I felt like I was going to throw myself off the circumference, I always had to fight to stay in the balance thus losing my ‘one piece’ of the body. The top goes left, the bottom goes right. That kind.

I asked him to video me, still I didn’t get it.

In the end, he brought me to the side wall and asked me to do a certain posture, which was tremendously odd to me. If I was to turn out left, then I should be on the outside of my blades shouldn’t I? But no, I was to stand on the inside blade, knock-knee style, it’s like I was getting ready to turn inside, but I stood there in that style. Everything screamed. I was not used to that posture, my muscles have never coordinated in that way before. Like that I pushed myself off the wall. Voila, it did work.

I was amazed. Suddenly I found myself standing in the middle of the whirlwind, serenity, balance. So I practised and practised. Needless to say, I am limping on one leg now. That same leg.

I have accomplished my homework the same day. Ready for delivery.

Smugness belongs to me.

As for the guitar, nothing as dramatic, but my lessons are getting along smoothly. My Teacher is pretty satisfied with me. I got more homework. I love homework. He jammed with me for a second or two as I was trying to play the song that I’d been practising the whole week. I was so happy.

See, I have many words today, but it doesn’t feel long-winded as my previous post, I don’t think.


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