Doing as I am told.

Pushing It

Oh by golly, I had forgotten that new muscle work aches the most on the second day post exercise. The day I left the rink, I was limping on the account of my left knee and side thigh, that new exercise. Today I ache on my back and both thighs. Talk about pushing it. I pushed it till I could no longer skate backwards. I then did only the specific 3-turn on my left foot, till I couldn’t do that anymore. I then pushed my arms holding out. I was told to keep my arms up, now that is tiring, so since my legs would no longer work, I continued skating but just keeping  my arms up. Now I know why my arms are also sore when I play the guitar. I have to keep my arms up  somewhat to be able to strum the guitar.

Ooh and aah. And aah.

My guitar, after the lesson, I couldn’t get to my guitar, so I had to leave it for a day.  As I said, it is very easy for me to lose the plot when I break the rhythm of doing things. When I came back to it, I wasn’t very enthusiastic. In fact a tad bored because it is the same song over and over again.

But I had to practice some. So I did. I started to count. My Teacher told me I need not focus on the counting. Priority for me is left and right finger dexterity on the guitar. But I found I easily picked up the additional phrasing that used the little finger for the chords. So I started counting. One and two and three four. One two and three four. It was a bit complicated coming in because notes started on the And of the three. Three AND. Amazingly, yes I was amazed, not at me so much for my cleverness but at how the ear could hear the tones while I was busy counting aloud. Very soon I was doing all three at the same time, including the fingering. Wow and I could get the sound so clear.

It’s not the same song anymore. It’s a nice new song, so well played, crispy and fresh sounding, to the beat.

Now I understand what the many layers meant, the complicated sounds of the progressive Beach Boys. Which the Beatles tried to beat by Sergeant Pepper. The main Beach Boys are no longer alive. The remaining ones are just the hangers on who just like the popularity but without much vision, alive and after blocking the original music brains, live off the frustration and depression of the original brothers. The music brain died of overdose. The other brother, the blonde surfer died in an accident off his boat.  That is why I am not interested in the tours of Aging Beach Boys. The story I read off Wikipedia. I enjoy the Beach Boys, I looked up their history. I got depressed myself after reading it.

Moral of the story, geniuses and sensitives who do not know that they are, as they are pure get trodden and rejected for ideas that are far progressive and forward than their counterparts, get depressed and then mentally pushed .. becoming mentally ill. The useless ones who tag along, gets to have a big say, make all the fuss, stop the creation, and when the creator dies off, lives off the association and carries on the name as if it was their creation. I say ‘pah’ to this. That really irks me.



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