Doing as I am told.

Soapy Bubbles

It is hard for me to know when to start writing.  At which point to say to my moving thoughts ‘Stop. Now you Fixate on Writing.’

As if writing itself is the topic for writing.

It is not.

It’s like the body. You never think about it when you use it to do something do you? You never notice your body till it starts hurting. And I mean Never.

So, it’s like trying to jump into my moving thoughts, like trying to jump on a slowly moving train. Sundance Kid !  And hoping not to disturb those train of thoughts too much so has to hijack it.

I find I like to write this way. At least it is fresh. I can never force something on paper even if it’s an awesome idea.

Which bubble to pick to write on, as the bubbles of thoughts come and bounce off me, triggering reflecting ideas ?

It has to be the bubbles that trigger me to write. Soap bubbles. That’s how I’d like to keep them fresh. Float to me, land on me and pop !  I can begin writing.

Hmm. Now that I have written such a cute little piece, that by itself is a Post !

A cute and fun post if I may say so myself !

Can you feel it, the bubbles ?

The Bubbles made a post. And so it shall be.






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