Doing as I am told.

POD 2012, Hurray !

I really think WP is total cool. I was fiddling about with the new badge and I was very surprised that I figured out quickly what to do to replace the old badge and that it was simple to execute. I did slog over these in the beginning when I tried out WP last year. It paid off. What I learnt is mine to keep. WP does give me a lot of pleasure.

For some things I have a slow learning curve. That’s because a lot of my learning comes from experiencing and feeling things out by doing them. So instead of following straight instructions and going on to be an instant winner of a blogger, I’d rather just take the long route. The side routes. So I don’t follow the main themes. I look like I am almost falling by the wayside. In that case I am most probably examining that little weed growing in the hard ground. I am busy on the wayside !

If you notice, my blog Daily Stories is devoid of pictures. That’s because of how much I love the words. The plain simple type. Words on a page.

I know that WP will help me be a successful published writer !

I am plodding my way along. Feeling out things. Myself, my moods, my writing style, when I write, when I can’t write.

After a while of the fanfare of being public, being distracted by other people’s blogs, comments and every thing that goes on in the Daily Press, I will begin to come out with writings of substance. That much I know.

To be found only in Reader, works very well for me. I am half hidden, considered public. This means that I can keep writing without feeling totally exposed and self-conscious. Try scrolling down the reader. Only people with patience enough to go through the posts one by one can arrive to mine.

Being ‘followed’ can also make me feel self-conscious. Weird, huh.

Gee, I am feeling so excited. Why is that? It first started with the badges update. Now as I write this, it continues to an increased heart thumping.

I can now coax writing of substance by being feeling  a little safer. I think so. I won’t completely  know till I see what my upcoming posts look like.


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