Doing as I am told.

Project 365

I stare at the blank screen. With a blank mind as to what to write. It shouldn’t be so as my mind has plentiful things to write about. Perhaps writing is like guitar playing or ice skating. Everytime I go on the rink or start the guitar, I try out the basics. Everytime could be different.

For ice skating, the difference could be in the shoe being tight, different socks, the condition of my body that day, whether I am more or less stiff, whether I have been fatigued from the previous skate day, even how I feel emotionally and mentally. I can never really tell how my feet will be on ice, till it is on the ice and finds its way for the day.

Same as guitar. I don’t know how I would feel till my fingers hit the strings. Sometimes it is too painful. Sometimes my fingers start cramping. Sometimes I feel so good that my limber fingers actually overstretch, hitting too far from my required string. This last I found interesting. I do not know how my fingers will play that day, till they play.

Improvement is change. Every improvement also means something is different. One adapts to the new difference. Again and again.

So writing I presume must be similar ? It is not about the typing because I can essentially type without looking at the keyboard. It’s more about what comes out of my mind. That I have no clue how it works.

So my blogging is a means of finding out how it works, so that I can help it work consistently, knowing it.

This is my Project 365, finding out my own writing processes.



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