Doing as I am told.



I didn’t know time.

I didn’t understand time.

I  knew that Time just moves

with or without me.


Time can be pretty scary

when I see how far it can go without me

and leave me behind.

Sometimes it disappears

only to pop back up again

with a Boo!

Sometimes it swallows itself up piecemeal.

Where did it go?

A month has just gone.


But it was only Christmas.

How is it we are already in February now?

Sometimes it Whizzes by

with me staring at it.

Daylight, Daybreak, sleep

Daylight, Daybreak, sleep.

Time can be very scary.

We were the future.

The whole world was ours.

Now we are just one of the crowd.


Time was neither for me, nor against me.

Time is  impersonal.

I just was not in sync with it.


But Today, I realized, time is my Ally.

Time is my Friend.

Time waits for me


Were I to notice her.


There is time.

She waits for me.

Time is very close to me


Time is Lovely.

We are tight.


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