Doing as I am told.


Today I am feeling especially productive. I have a designated writing space but besides blogging, it has hardly been used for serious writing.

Today I moved things about and got rid of things. Suddenly I find my original intention.

I have all the tools that I need. Suddenly I am planning for my book. I am outlining it.


Figure skating. After flying on ice last week, I couldn’t move this week. Couldn’t. I had forgotten how to move. My leg does not sit on the foot and my torso is disjointed to my pelvis. They do not know how to turn nor respond. It was like I was starting all over again.

I guess I overdid it last week and my body is still recovering.


Guitar lessons. Finally, my guitar teacher made it to the third lesson. How are people musical if they cannot keep to the rhythm of the week to hold a lesson?

I do not tolerate lateness very well. I do not tolerate changes of lessons all over the week.

I was very tired when I came to class. All those changes and lateness tired me out and stressed me for likely frequent future occurrences.

But my teacher is very kind when he is teaching. He is very kind and very patient. He is very knowledgeable.  I feel love for him because love is in his teaching. I just do not tolerate his lateness.

He told me that I must increase my volume.I am playing too softly.

He showed me how to strum with my fingers. The thumb supports the index finger, which acts as a pick.

He showed me how to mute the sounds with the side of my hand.

My new homework is counting and tapping reading the notes.


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