Doing as I am told.

La di la

My guitar, it doesn’t hurt anymore when I play. In fact I can occasionally hit very rich sounds from it. But I get frustrated over a few consistent stuck points. Yes. Consistent and I dislike that dull Thud when I can’t get that rich sound. When I accidentally consistently get that dull thud. I don’t know how accidental it is since it is so consistent. You can tell I am somewhat fuming now over it. As I play those consistent accidental notes over and over again, I fume and complain in my head about what the composer had in mind when he put those funny notes in and what he was trying to do. Did he think it was nice sounding or what because it isn’t  and anyway, what makes him such a great composer, did his composing mean that this particular song is such a godsend , I mean this particular part of it ? Frivolous frills. I mean frills. Who likes frills these days ? Not my taste. There, that is my point. I am not a frilly type and I won’t compose frilly songs. Or any song with frilly parts.


Oh dear, is this frustration going to be a constant part of my learning? It’s not very nice.


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