Doing as I am told.

Just a Phrase more

My ice skating is going well. I now look forward to frozen lakes to go skating in. Next year perhaps. Frozen lakes or canals.

I have good control on the ice. I have the basics covered, now it is a matter of looking prettier on ice and learning some tricks or sequences.

My guitar, I asked the teacher if everyone gets frustrated like I do. I mean it isn’t healthy to keep reaching the frustration point. He says that when people pick up the guitar, they tend to continue learning because there is no greater joy than overcoming a difficulty. On and on they move.

I told him that I could not yet get any of the songs perfect. Either I still lose a note or a beat. He is nice enough not to add too much homework to me. Just a phrase more.

At least now I can deliver one perfect song. One of the earlier ones he gave me.



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