Doing as I am told.

Cringes and Pleasures

I was quite reluctant to pick up the guitar. I was supposed to be at the drums. Schedule change. I found myself reluctant to pick up the guitar.

I picked it up anyway, I could feel my fingers cringe. Cringing at the anticipation of pain. and Pain there it was. I wasn’t very happy.

But I played anyway since I was at it.

Surprisingly I sound even better. Coordination too. After some warm up, the pain went away. But it was time to go for the drums.

When I play, sometimes I get very sick of the same old songs. But because I still could not make a perfect piece without losing a note or timing here and there, I pushed through my practice. Not particularly joyful. Very purely functional to get my fingers and coordination as close to perfect as possible. Just keep doing it. Sometimes it pays off, when I play on the park bench, I play like I want to play, the way I want to play it.

Oftentimes  I find me getting bored easily, I hurry through, push through and practice through so much more. So that I can get the pieces perfect and we can explore another song. It does feel like a long ways away.

Practice, practice, practice.


My ice skating? I am on another level. I found out how to weight shift deliberately rather than falling accidentally from one foot to the other. It looks more graceful too. I have so much fun on ice. I got addicted. Until the next day, when I can’t move from oohs and ows. Then I am no longer in the mood and wonder why I like to skate.

There is no stopping me now. It is so much fun and exhilarating on the ice. The speed, the grace, the maneuverability, the danger, the precision.


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