Doing as I am told.

F, Bm, Rudiments and Edges

For my guitar, I can more or less press out the Bm note by note according to the song. But my next challenge is the F. I feel the pain, the cramp and the forced deformity of my fingers. No matter how much or how hard I press, I cannot  get all three or four of the notes together in a clean sound. My teacher advised me to cut my nails ! But I had that kind of a problem before with string E pressing notes on frets 3 5 7 and the Bm, which I can reasonably do now with average sound, meaning not crisp and clean. So I guess in time, I can get to the F.

I told my teacher I can’t confidently see myself as a guitarist at all, not if I can’t do the Bm, and F chord notes that are so basic. Unlike the drums where I have every confidence I can go very far in it. I have the talent. The guitar, I am not sure I have the Physical ability to do it. But I will stick to it for a while yet. I can play a few songs now, and surprisingly, even though my tempo is not yet there, because I have to feel for the notes sometimes, the sounds coming out of my fingers get cleaner and crispier, I did not think it could get any cleaner and clearer than what I got, but, I did. It is a beautiful sound.

Besides the F, my teacher is also gearing me towards Bass guitar strumming, 1  2 1 2 with the index and middle fingers. He says I am doing fine with my left hand, so now mind a little of the right.

I bought me a little travelling electric guitar, so small and so light that I can carry it everywhere with me. The neck is normal sized. Just the body has been reduced and the place where you tune the strings have been placed on the body. That and plug earphones into it, and no one gets disturbed. It is cool, black and futuristic looking. Speedster it is called.

I begin to be interested in the notes I was playing. I begin to be interested in the theory. I still don’t get it but I figured if I see those explanations often enough in myriad  sources, I might piece together what they mean. Major scales? Chords?

For the drums, I bought a practice pad which can be strapped to the knee seated  so that I can start practising my snare techniques. Rudiments they call it. 26 of them.

Now this post would be more complete if only I would pose my new toys for pictures here. Well, I do not want to wait to post. Those pictures could take forever, knowing me.


My figure skating keeps improving. The physical technical challenges leave me hooked. I mean just the basic stuffs, the glides, the edges, the turns.  Doing it powerfully, gracefully and with ease. I have not begun any jumping yet. Just a little Bunny Hop.


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