Doing as I am told.


Writing from the little android device, I had not realized that  I put the wrong post into the wrong blog. So I moved it there and deleted the post from here.

I have many projects at hand and coming up. I am so fortunate to pick and choose and be busily involved.

Guitar and drum, no turning back now. The hardest part of the guitar is over. The pain and the wondering what it is all for. Well, I will always have new pain for new positions and new chords but I am getting used to it now.  It doesn’t bother me as much and I no longer get frustrated while wondering if I will ever get it. I have, so I know I will too. My music education is on the way. Today  I learnt the word pentatonic. I learnt  the Am pentatonic scale and I learnt to play it. Don’t ask me more than what I just said. I wouldn’t be able to answer you. Not now. All I know is, I can sound good right now !

My drums too. I am busy with the concept of Independence. So practising that way. Left foot does what it does, right foot, and the paradiddles etc on the snare drum. Ok. Basically on my practice pad with the sticks.

Whenever I hear music, on tv, or in the mall, my ears start picking up the rhythms. If it comes with bass guitar, even better. I am interested in the calypso beat for Jamaican Farewell, from there interested in the different rhythms. My mental  interest drives me forward. My practice follows. My teacher keeps me going.

I’ve got a website to do, writing, a talk to give. I am happily busy. Even my heart is busy being curious about people that makes it skip a beat.




5 responses

  1. Hello! I can really relate to all your stories about music and trying new chords. I play rhythm guitar, though I admit not too much recently. Yes, the F and Bm are challenging at first, but after a while you’ll play them easily!
    Best wishes!

    April 21, 2012 at 11:09 am

    • Smaaak

      Hi, Thanks for being interested and for spending the time reading. What is rhythm guitar ? My knowledge of guitar comes in bits and pieces. The reason I took up guitar, is because I told my teacher that I wanted to know music, to understand music, what is it that sometimes makes my heart gets soaring to the heavens, or have me bopping in great happiness, or plain wringing my heart out. I said I start from level zero.If he asks me what I want, I want to be able to make music like that, if I may freely daydream. I had initially wanted to take up bass with him, figuring that if I have nothing for music, I at least have rhythm. He said, no, don’t assume that I cannot know music. Take up the guitar first. Bass comes easily anyway after guitar. Cool teacher ! Well I am just happily churning out nice songs, already a bonus surplus, more than I can ever imagine myself doing. The Bm now is surprisingly not so painful now. It is now a matter of accuracy of hitting the strings right. At least my fingers are flexible enough to reach the notes and hold them at the same time. For the F, I can on the occasion get them all, maybe 2 out of ten times. I believe you and will persevere to it !

      April 22, 2012 at 1:56 pm

      • Hello! What a great reply! This could be a post on all on its own! I don’t read a lot of music, so I play the chords, that is, I do all the strumming and soft picking in a varitey of ways behind the people who can play the lead. I keep the rhythm with steady paced strumming. 🙂 I’m happy to hear you’ve persevered! Already you’ve learned that the chords are starting to come easier – that’s great! Glad you are enjoying your teacher, too. Good for you!

        April 22, 2012 at 2:21 pm

      • Smaaak

        Now I understand what is they rhythm guitar. I was wondering why there is more than one guitarist in a band, what do they do ? Now I know. The guitar is quite an oddity to me, I have not been able to make sense of it in the past. But I am glad I got to take it up. Having a teacher I enjoy definitely helps. It’s not just the guitar, it is my gateway into music. That’s huge. I get a good foothold in now. I’m quite happy about that.

        Have you never tried to play lead?

        April 24, 2012 at 1:05 pm

  2. Hello. Not really, I must admit. Since I don’t read mich music I never felt comfortable with it. But I like what I do play and I try to play it as well as I can! 🙂

    April 25, 2012 at 2:57 am

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