Doing as I am told.

One Little Bar

I wondered why it felt like I had done some vigorous exercise. I don’t remember doing any sport that makes me this sore. Sore in my calf. Yes. One calf. My right one, sore in my shoulders, both elbows, like tennis elbow, like carpal tunnel. What’s up ?

Oh, just a little bar  of One and Two and a Three ee and a Four ee and a.

A little tiny bar that changes from 8th to 16th on a beat rate of 104.

A little tiny bar on that song sheet.

Just a little tiny bar.

And I spent 6 hours on it.

Talk about endurance. Now I understand what they mean.

That was a curious little bar bringing me all sorts of misery and mumble grumble.

I’d only ever been practising 8th  .

16th means twice the speed. It’s not just the rat a tat tat factor. It’s also the factor of change. I mean suddenly you have to break into the 16th 6 times then back to the 8th again.

And you’d have to listen for 3 to make sure the time is right, and the ‘a’ to make sure the 16th entry is accurate. Now how does one hear it and get in between something so fast ?

Six hours? Yeah. It took me a whole day. I refused to leave till I got it.

And boy, what went through my mind. Talk about boredom. Talk about wanting to be somewhere else. Outdoors for example. Talk about wanting to get out of my stool.

Finally I got it. Evenly and cleanly in and out of the beats. And could play the whole song reasonably well. At least that one bar is alright.

The other parts, sometimes I did one bar too many, sometimes less. I mean how does one keep track of how many repetitive bars that just went by?

But at the very least, that one particular bar is Done.

Surprisingly, because this was so difficult to coordinate and very tiring, the other previous difficult transitions became a breeze.

Rat tat tat tat. Cool.



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