Doing as I am told.

WordPress, a sight for sore eyes.

Today’s post is a hodge podge of stuff. Just like my mind. I might need a few days to pull myself together. Totally lost the plot.

So let me just recount one item at a time.

I was sent this link from my friend because she knew that I was learning the guitar. What we have in common is that we hate big bullies. Sometimes we think quite depressedly about what we can do, sue them ?

Here’s United Broke My Guitar.


I have been house hunting. That’s what actually threw me off my game.It can get quite stressfully traumatic.


I don’t want to do anything but sit and chill and get me back together again. I don’t even want to beat the drums. I just want to read my books, disappear my mind into them and go back to my comfort zone. Get me back together again.

My teacher says that I learn fast because I am dedicated in my practice. But I really do not feel like doing anything now.

No mood. Really really no mood.


My Galaxy Note is so new, and I have been fiddling with it that I lost the internet connection without knowing what I’d done or if it was me. I didn’t look like I was bothered but wow, I really didn’t feel like anything at all. Because my phone is also currently a wifi hotspot for my laptop, so I was disconnected. That wasn’t very nice. I wasn’t very comfortable at all. I mean. I just wasn’t quite comfortable without my connection. Without being able to connect to WordPress.

Till I had the ‘smart idea’ that I could call the provider and ask them. Yes, that is how ‘smart’ I am currently. How straight I am thinking. Duh.

So I got my connection back again. Phew. At least one part of my world is right again.

I think this is great. I got to find my foot again. Yea, one foot for starters. The other would follow suit. So let’s move real slow for now. Find my rhythm again.

WordPress is a sight for sore eyes. A comfy home of sorts.




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