Doing as I am told.

Wind Change

After that sudden whirlwind, of which Downtime was a must. I have recovered now from it, and see what’s going on.

It seems that now I have to pick up pace and change directions somewhat.

From a plodding leisurely pace, to an active initiative phase for more important urgent matters.

This means I have to drop a leisurely pursuit, the drums because it is no longer leisurely.I no longer have that luxury for the time being. No luxury to be fully immersed in it. I am not that kind that can split my mind for simultaneous full immersion in too many different things.

I drop the drum lessons because I am much better at it and the kit  is less mobile.

Guitar, I have lots of things to figure out. And the sounds coming out of my fingertips are quite nice. Let’s stick to it. It’s supposed to be leisurely, so I still have a hobby, to do something for its own sake and no more.

So you see, even when I chill and stare at the ceiling, it is a meaningful chill !



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