Doing as I am told.

F’s and G’s

Ah, to be able to put my foot up on the woofer speakers, feelings its vibrations as it projects its sounds. Listening to the regularity of the waves hitting the shore. Eyes into the sea and a class in canoeing outside. Sipping a cup of coffee and reading a book.

What is life. What a reward of life.

That is one great time. And I am sitting in it.

Oh what a Break.

Oh what a Breather.

I have finally gotten myself somewhat sorted.

Drums have had to stop. Guitar in slight danger of wavering. F’s and G’s didn’t help much. How is it that I can now get the F but not the G ? Doing G is like struggling with F all over again. The sounds that come out is quite unpleasant. I guess what does not give out the pure sounds of the metal strings would be to me unpleasant.

I wanted to give up in disgust. Yet, one day when I picked up the guitar and hit the F beautifully, every string made a good enough pure sound, I was enticed again.

Enticed by the purity of the beautiful sound, for its own sake. To keep at it, to keep continuing. If I could only just produce two or three more of these sounds, how satisfied would my soul be.

I was frustrated because I knew that I could not dedicate myself to totally just overcoming these obstacles. I mean, total attention till these damned obstacles are blasted away and gone forever.

I have other Priorities. Music is not for me Calling. It is a curiosity.  Much as I would like to do just music and study it totally, it is not for me to do it.

I just cannot dedicate myself 24/7 to do it. I am that kind of a person. When I am into something, totally all of me is into it. \

But I guess in a way, music is teaching me to pace it. Not all of life is a dire Full-On.

I say this because as I sit here writing some, playing some. My F’s improve, my G’s improve, even while I am here writing some.

It is a curiosity for me how I can’t believe I can do something. I keep doing it but pretty pessimistically, unhappily because I just can’t get it. It doesn’t help that being pressurized by other aspects of life makes me feel even worse about the Fs and Gs thus a projection into my career with a guitar. Ya ya, that’s how my brain would go.

Then suddenly, I get it. Just like that. There is no gradually. You gradually get better, but still nowhere close, then suddenly you get it. all your fingers get it. That’s  that unbelievable Gap which mystifies me.

So I plod on.


My Ice skating ? My coach invited me to join the Level One competition for my age range. It’s to be held in six months.








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