Doing as I am told.

F’s and G’s !

The strangest thing about it was, it took me a while to get the F consistently. While I got it, I could not get the G which was the same pattern. I was downright frustrated. Fs were the reason that I gave up guitar in the first place many years ago. I still feel the same now.

Yesterday, I spent many hours on the guitar. A few on the Fs and Gs.

I still coudn’t get the Gs.

This morning I woke up and voila. The Gs were in form !

What happened in between ? I couldn’t get it, then I could. And I kept testing it. seems that it is here for keeps.

So I continue my lessons.

My teacher also decided to pay good attention to me. I had decided to walk out last week because he just wasn’t here. Answered phone calls and all that. He called me back and said ‘Now I know’ after I told him that he wasn’t respecting his students.

He taught me a blues shuffle. I sound like a pro already.

He wanted me to learn to use the pick.

I am now quite versatile on the acoustic guitar, folk guitar and the electric guitar. I have been practising on whatever that was available.

A friend wanted to listen to me play the guitar. I said I’d put on a performance for her. I’d need some time to prepare.

My first proper public audience. I am out to wow!

Guitar is here to stay. That was one miserable week though. I had contemplated giving up the guitar…. but since I paid up for the month, I was advised to let these few weeks by and see how I feel.

My teacher, if he wants to, can create magic for me.

Or he could create a repulsion where I feel so bad that I’d quit class.

He decided on magic. And it works.




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