Doing as I am told.

Boom Boom Boom

I love my Boom Booms.
I love deep bass.

When I sit with my headphones on, thinking whatever I am thinking or doing whatever I am doing, I get lost in it.

I got me a new pair of headphones. Nakamichi is best. The trebles are not lost when the deep bass is on. Reasonably priced too for the quality it produces.

I’d get lost the same too on my new stereo. I must be on a music binge getting these new stuff.

And what exactly was I doing when the music was on? I couldn’t really tell you. I don’t remember. I must have been dreaming away. But exactly how was I dreaming? Was I doing something? I must have been doing something. I am not exactly the stare into space type.

That’s how powerful music is to me.

But I can also do with the sound of silence or natural sounds. Those are music to me too.

I was just thinking the other day, music is everywhere. In the malls, in shows, tv, films, ads.

So how come I do not know about music? So I owe. .. owe who exactly? I owe…. to know a little about music.

Which I feel proud to learn something called shuffle, blues, progression. Besides naming them, don’t ask me more. I only know that much and I am playing it on the guitar!


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