Doing as I am told.


Here’s how I know my guitar is going somewhere. On top of learning the barre patterns easily, I have now actually dropped a glass of cold water and broke it. My fingers have have callused tips which feels little and has little traction.  I used to hold my glasses  by the tip of two or three fingers lightly. Now I have to hold mh glasses like a bloke drinking beer. Total grip.

I am not very keen on chord strumming because I prefer very clear single note sounds but it is more acceptable now using a pick. My teacher now emphasizes quick and efficient chord changing.

For my drums I am learning 16th note patterns. Really loud. I put on ear muffs.

For my ice skating, I was having a very hard time with the Waltz Jump just a simple change direction jump. I was concentrating so hard that I barked at any one that broke it.

I did get it finally.


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