Doing as I am told.

Go Trip

I am barely able to practice these days, till I am ensconced in my new home. My practice is cursory, I asked my teachers for little homework, technical practice rather than whole songs.

Even so, my guitar playing astounds me, for such little practice, the sounds I make comes out richer. I can hear it. It is discernible. With my pick, I must be improving too, I can control it a little better, creating softer sounds and hearing less of the scraping of the pick on the string. I am practising  chord change from C to  Dsus4 to D. Don’t ask me about music theory yet. For now I am more interested in getting technicalities right. My barre and left hand chord notes sound much better now. My grip is firmer and more decisive. My hands love being on the neck of the guitar. So what if it is numb elsewhere, but at the guitar neck, it feels like home. That is a strange feeling.

Drumming, it’s just about coordination. I do enjoy it. Rat-tat-tat.

As for my ice skating, my coach is on holiday. Whew. I do not think I can take any more. A week off is good. I could barely walk straight. The jumps have been placing huge stresses on one knee and that knee has been complaining loudly. But I finally got the idea. He told me not to jump yet. First poke a hole in the ice, then with the other foot out, reach to the further end and make a turn. Not by jumping but by striding. And that poking a hole in the ice with the toe pick, that is really anti what I have been training myself. That is, not to put any weight on the toe but more to the heel. I have a habit of scraping the ice with the toe pick when I do not have the confidence. Braking effect except that it is a most unacceptable way to slow down. Finally I figured it out. Essentially you are skating then suddenly you are required to jam your toe into the ice so as to make you trip, and in that trip, you use that energy to propel yourself forward and high up instead of a face plant on the ice. So I got the idea. Deliberate tripping oneself up. And I could do it with style too, the striding bit. I have not yet gone to jumping, my legs need rest. I told my my coach that day that anything little would set me into tears, so tired I was in my body, and so sensitive to pressures and pain.

Since I await my new place, I was thinking about having a platform built, to be a storage unit as well as an elevated floor and a huge bed as well all in one. I like building simple things, not all of them successful. Things do warp, topple or keel over due to the poor weight and length ratio. Since I have moved to different places, I have built different things using different materials. Mostly they were for trying out ideas and making places fit the way I want them to.

This time I was dismantling all that metal and wood shelving that I made for storage when all of a sudden I realized that I had too many pieces of those and what a waste it would be to throw them away. So I thought about reusing them and building the platform instead. By building I mean just  sizing up, cutting , simple screwing up the pieces together and securing the planks on top. Simple set up.

So I took out some big and heavy library books about carpentry and building shelves and cabinets to get an idea of the basic stuff called, joinery and things like that. Very interesting read. Turns out that such sophisticated gleaming kitchens turns out to be wood based.

I like the idea of using different available materials than just solely wood because actual carpentry requires a workshop, generates lots of sawdust and too many dangerous equipment that have to be bought. I am not that serious.



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