Doing as I am told.

Chicken With Plums

I can Waltz jump! It means half a revolution,  a 180 take off forwards and landing backwards. When I say I can jump, it means I can execute it easily and almost consistently. Almost, because I just got it.

I was trudging miserably because it doesn’t matter if my style is flamboyant and powerful if my leap is a washout. I was miserable for my skating future. My coach told me I almost got it. I told him I dared not jump on my own. I only practiced during class. He said that’s what he is here for. To give courage. After seeing my few attempts which is either I am minding my jumping leg or my swinging leg but not both. Or I am minding my arms so my legs don’t get to jump.

He said,’ Sheryl, you almost got it. You’ve got everything now, just the timing of when to toe off. It doesn’t require much thinking or effort now. The right timing of step off would spring you forward by itself. ‘

So I gave it another shot. Timing of toe off? No more other effort involved? No heavy great heave-ho? Hmm.

By golly I got it! I got it! Just like that.

It’s not about digging a hole in the ground and tripping oneself up. It’s about the right timing of spring off.

Wow. So I did it again and again. Consecutively.

Suddenly I am giddy with joy. Well I was somewhat giddy that day. Migraine like or something. I got a jump out of it!
The joy is like no other. Suddenly I want to continue on. The exhilaration of going at high speed and coordinating it with a jump. That feeling. Not that I have done the high speed jump yet. Still moving tentatively.


My guitar I am still playing. My teacher wants me on the power chords to play American Idiot by Greenday. I am loath to play a song with such a name but the music is the power kind,  to get you in the mood.

He asked me if there is any song I want to play. I said not in particular. He said pick any. So I picked one which I thought would be simple. The Shirelles singing ‘Will you still love me tomorrow’.

It’s of F G Am C Em so it’s doable. I have to learn to sing the song first. Memorize the lyrics. I also learn about the capo. I bought one. It seems that if I played to Amy Winehouse singing then I wouldn’t need the capo. My ears are not that good yet. I can’t tell.


My drums, my teacher picked a quarrel with me. I have a feeling it’s more about a pissing contest about territory. He wanted to play every song the other teacher did. I said no I want to learn the technicals or other songs. He wasn’t happy. I wasn’t that happy either.
But he did give me the technical stuff in the end. Fill ins. Ah, now I know. Rat tat rat


I went to watch a peculiar show ‘ Chicken with plums’. It is French set in Tehran. It is about a guy who decides to kill himself because his violin is broken. Now I do not care for suicides but because I am in the topic of music I decided to find out what it is about music that can drive someone to die just because his violin broke. I was pleasantly surprised. I want to watch it again. It is very artfully done. Stylized in some parts. Poetic too.


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