Doing as I am told.

Blogging and Postings

I have to rearrange my posts. How I write it and the themes. So far I have been posting minimally, just barely keeping up with the blogging. I have been sitting in a figurative whirlwind and by the time I have sorted out one thing, another arises. Or while something is still ongoing, something else comes up. It’s been putting out one fire after the other, or batting at whichever ball comes my way. Very interesting times. Very testing as to how I can keep my head together.

One other thing that has been influenced as well is my sporting life. Well, that is, besides the blogging since I have not been able to settle one thing to it’s reasonable conclusion to be written about before something else called my attention. This is at the level where I cannot reasonably find a subject I want to write about.

My sporting life, well I have been doing ice skating, which takes up much of my attention and energies because of the specific technical demands they place on the body. But all of a sudden, in this mad period of time when my fuse is much shorter with things and people in my way, I decided looking dainty and controlled on ice is not going to help me much nor vice versa. I mean how do you expect me to be growling and scowling and needing to look pretty and poised at the same time ?

So in that madness, I heard about a new MMA gym in town, huge and complete with the cage and a boxing ring, I went to check it out. And I joined. Just like that. Period of madness I told. I wasn’t even thinking much. I did regret and and had anxieties about possibility of a mistake coming from a rash decision because I had tied myself up for a year. The reason I signed up almost immediately was I had told earlier on that I had a small dream of joining the MMA. So when I saw this cage, I decided to make my dream happen since it is put in front of me. Don’t know how many years it will take me, but at least I have signed of for a year.

It’s quite cool because since I wake up with the sun, or even before then, as the cock crows, at the break of dawn, I am up already. And with nothing to do. Normally I go and have breakfast in a cafeteria, I like to read in that time, but the place where I am at does not open that early. So it’s great that I can go to the gym instead. Start my day early and plonk into bed all tired out.

I first joined the Thai boxing class. Found that it was quite tough with much cardio work, decided to try out the Brazilian jujitsu instead. And I have been doing it every morning since. My reason is that my body hadn’t fully recovered from the pounding and I felt the jujitsu is more about techniques so I can last longer in play. I just got into it. But the warm up is just as bad.

I do not enjoy sports that require a lot of skip hop and jump work. Or with a lot of cardio work. But that’s just saying I do not feel that my body is naturally built for it. Having said that, I know where to concentrate my training, a little at a time. The hop skip and jump belong to hip work. So does the floor scooting, also off the hips.

About the blog, I might have to split it into sports and music. For the past months, I have been rolling all these activities into one blog but now, perhaps splitting them up is a better idea, and a shorter post each time.

Oh, I joined the gym because I had been feeling quite aggressive to unreasonable little things. Might as well take out my aggression in a more disciplined and productive manner.

The bouts of intensive warmup has been quite good, the results of which was demonstrated in an adhoc basketball game of which I am no player of. I could last a tad longer during defense, marking a good player of the opposite team. I played for only ten minutes because it was unexpected and I had to be somewhere else. Made a good impression too, although I was fouled a few times because I didn’t know the rules.




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