Doing as I am told.


It’s been some time since I have posted anything. I have just joined a gym, got very involved with Brazilian jiujitsu, no time for Muay Thai or Capoeira, got hooked on BJJ so much as to do it 3 times a day and of course, not having that fit body to begin with, I pulled something in my back. So I had to sit out a week. And just watch. So sad. But the instructors were really cool, they allowed me to join and to do what I can. I dared not do the rolls since there is no control once I am ‘rolled’. In the meantime yoga has also become a regular thing, same gym. You should see the big guys doing stretching led by a petite lady instructor. 

I wasn’t sure that I could handle the yoga, because there are some poses that require muscular effort, but the instructor was very gentle with me. Somehow, this instructor managed to open my heart. Twice in her class I cried some. I cried because I felt so much appreciation for the body that I have, the joy that it gives me and the sadness that I feel when the body for all  is not able to function properly and have to limit its activities. 

I wonder how I can do this posting, perhaps in bitesize ? So many little things to talk about. 


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