Doing as I am told.

The Dream

It’s a dream.

I wake up, to the club. Lunch time, to the club. Evening, to the club again.

To bed, and I look forward to the next early morning.

The club feeds passion. Endless passion. There is no end and no limit.

How good does one want to be? One is only limited by one’s own current physical condition.

I want to do them all

But I had to choose. There is only so much I can do.

BJJ became my primary. Focusing on technical skills and body awareness, flexibility with power and coordination. It posed a challenge. It’s not something I am used to.

I started from Zero. Got hooked. Even though I overdid it sometimes, I still attended class to watch and learn. Something new everyday, some new but important detail to pick up even if it were from the same moves. I went as often as I could. I got rewarded for my obsession. I was named Student of the Month.

Having he 4 different Black Belt Masters with different physique makes a great difference. One is not stuck to a personality or a style. They are kind and their instruction is clear.

Occasionally I would venture to Boxing and Muay Thai. After all, the dream is there. The Cage. A dream. One can dream.

More importantly, to counter the ‘fight’ mode. Yoga acts as a counter balance.  Wonders for the mind  and body. It’s a different dimension.


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