Doing as I am told.

100 Kilos

It’s been hard to catch up with posts. I have moved. A bigger rental to a smaller self owned apartment. A lot of stuff to be removed before I can move comfortably in it.

I have not resumed my guitar or drum lessons. Till some space has been sorted and I am more settled in my new home.  I have stopped my ice skating lessons for the summer holidays since it is not a lot of fun nor is there a lot of space to practice. Too many school children enjoying the ice too.

But what’s keeping me so occupied is the Brazilian jujitsu. Like I said in my previous post, which was actually a testimonial I wrote for the club modified, it is the first thing I do. I love  consistency, everyday, first thing in the morning. And I can do it as much as I possibly can. I mean it is like when I was a kid/teenager on a bike or roller skates (I never had a chance at skateboarding) I’d do it everyday after school.

In the month that I have been there,one after another,  it’s been a pulled back, strained ribs, pinched shoulder, knee that does not bend well and lots of bruises from digs and pinches.

But now, things are getting smoother, I am getting more of the game and no longer afraid of the warmups because I won’t be left behind.

My body has become leaner too, my pants are falling off and I am starting to wear the body hugging shirts.

My teachers have decided I am ready to join in the sparring sessions.

I once took a private training session with a teacher for dealing with 100 kilos on top of me. I hate that, someone’s weight on me so much so that I can’t breathe and feel paralyzed to do anything except gasp for air. Heaving like an asthmatic.

So I am no longer afraid of the weight on top of me. I am moving faster and stronger too.

Do I actually enjoy it ? I couldn’t very well answer that question. I am still feeling my way about it.

It gives me very valuable insights about the body though.



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