Doing as I am told.

Get Up!

Get up! Get up! Yelled the teacher.

I try to get up while being tangled in whatever position. There was plenty of space to move. The other must have been in a somewhat unstable position too.

Get up!

I struggled to. Now how on the earth do I do that?

I exerted. Enghhh!

Get up!

Really…how does one get up? My god, how would a kid get up?

Wow so far removed am I from childhood whence getting up must be the most natural thing in the world.

Get up!

Sideways I was but gravity favours the other guy. Plop down I went. Still thinking how on tbe earth do I get up from a tangled position, sideways somwhat contorted without the use of hands on the floor to help.

That would remain the question throughout the day.

Later I asked a blackbelt teacher. How to get up? I was figuring it out on the mat. Yeah just like that. Scissoring.

Oh. Get Up means scissoring. Scissoring your legs,  get your knees to the ground and your butt up.

Let me try that one.


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