Doing as I am told.

Ice skating on a Pavement

Yesterday I went back to the ice rink. Just a try out before I take up lessons again.  Put on my skates, stepped into the rink.

Oh er, why am I  not gliding ? Is it to do with the protective covering ? But I removed it. If I had had it on, it would be slippery instead. But this, it’s weird. Why am I not gliding when I put my foot down ?

Golly by me, I might as well be skating on a pavement. The ice surface  is so coarse that I might as well just walk on it. I tried anyway. Push off, move, make circles, go backwards.

Plonk ! Ouch.

That’s it. What kind of an ice surface is that ? Have they done a bad job of resurfacing the the ice during the intervals or are there that many people there that day ?

So much for ice skating. I wonder how the other higher grade skaters take their lessons. Painfully but that’s what I feel for them. How can one feel the joy of the glide that way ? They must have deadened their senses.

That’s a sorry state to be.



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