Doing as I am told.

Blogging 101 – Day Ten: Build a Better Blogroll

I must say , taking Blogging 101 is harder than I anticipated. Harder in terms of the time required plus the staying power of the eye on the page. I mean take the email of the task sent out. I find the task and instructions a bit too long, which means by the halfway mark, my eyes have lost interest to pursue the rest of the page.  If I can’t follow such long instructions then what hope is there I will read the lengthy blogs of my neighbors?

Then there is the task of all this reading of other blogs and looking for links to blogrolls and blogs that inspire. Today at least I read the instructions right down to the end, decided that I did not want sidebars for my blog since I want my photos to stand out in Photo101, so I took the suggestion to make a new page of links and resources because the linked page is relevant to the task  of Blogging101.

I haven’t entirely followed the daily tasks faithfully. I do think that I am not in the right time and space for this almost full time learn to blog properly university.  But I have kept some basic things in mind, I participate more speaking to my neighbors when I find something interesting. I’ll do what I can. Along the way, I am learning things I never knew before about blogging and using WP


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