Doing as I am told.

Writing101- Day One: Unlock the Mind

Stream of Consciousness for 20 minutes.

It was fun and free. Now it is a pressure. So what on earth am I doing participating in Writing 101 ? That’s because I enjoyed Blogging 101 and I enjoyed Photo 101, so when Writing 101 came along, it was automatic that I’d sign up.

Stream of consciousness  writing is supposed to be freeing. But I feel the pressure and I am not too fond of it. I’d rather have a topic. And free form from that. How do you free form something from nothing?

In my life, I am blessed with tremendous choices, and since I like them all, it is quite difficult to settle on any one thing. So I move my life in all these directions, gaining basic knowledge and experience in a wide variety of things, but not too deep into any, except for the work that I do. But then in these variety of things, I began to pierce through life. I went deep into life, to understanding life and people, through these wide variety of things that I touch and experience.

Since I am free flowing talking, it is unnecessary for me to to explain. But even then,  how can you explain life itself ? How do you reduce the explanation of life into ? Such has been my query about life for many years. As I moved in life, as I moved through life, through it’s tragedies,  common place tragedies ( yes, terrible isn’t it?) , through it’s drama, through it’s colors, I began to get a sense about it. Especially as I got older in years.

So you see, if I were to write, it would be about life. But then like I said, life needs no explanation. Life itself will show you what it is. But it is our brain that seeks to know what life is, because if we understand life, we feel that we have a little bit more control over things, so in our tragedies we are better able to cope. We control our understanding of things. Whether those explanations are really so, it doesn’t really matter, because to us, it matters only if we didn’t feel so awfully bad. And that we can carry on and move forwards in our life.

So this is coming up to my 20 minutes of free writing minus  three paragraphs that I erased because it was just too difficult to start. Difficult to start to open the hose  of my stream of consciousness, and I have 2 minutes to spare.


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