Doing as I am told.

Writing101- Day Eight: Death to Adverbs

Why are you being weird, woman? I am walking through your aisles, my eyes darting to different places to glance at what is there.

So why are you there in the same aisle admiring your own books too? I walk to the next aisle and there you are browsing through some books.

So I walk to different corners of the bookstore and look at the woman with interest. If I were stealing, I have no bags on me, my shirt and my pants are snug. So, I do not understand why you are ‘keeping and eye on me’ which I presume you are doing.

Perhaps it is the way I walk. Nonchalantly walking through the aisles, instead of standing still and browsing through one book at a time. I was literally talking walks through the aisles. I don’t act like a browser, a stingy book buyer, one who stands and reads and then leaves empty handed.

Woman, if only you knew, how much I have spent on books, just not your bookstore. I walk nonchalantly through your aisles because I have so many books that one of my rooms is my library. I walk quickly because I look for something that catches my eye, whatever its categories. Your books aren’t.


One response

  1. A scene that I been through many times

    July 11, 2016 at 5:41 am

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