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Writing101- Day Eight: Death to Adverbs

Why are you being weird, woman? I am walking through your aisles, my eyes darting to different places to glance at what is there.

So why are you there in the same aisle admiring your own books too? I walk to the next aisle and there you are browsing through some books.

So I walk to different corners of the bookstore and look at the woman with interest. If I were stealing, I have no bags on me, my shirt and my pants are snug. So, I do not understand why you are ‘keeping and eye on me’ which I presume you are doing.

Perhaps it is the way I walk. Nonchalantly walking through the aisles, instead of standing still and browsing through one book at a time. I was literally talking walks through the aisles. I don’t act like a browser, a stingy book buyer, one who stands and reads and then leaves empty handed.

Woman, if only you knew, how much I have spent on books, just not your bookstore. I walk nonchalantly through your aisles because I have so many books that one of my rooms is my library. I walk quickly because I look for something that catches my eye, whatever its categories. Your books aren’t.


Writing101 – Day Three: Commit to a Writing Practice

Three songs, I would not say important but of significance. Because I do not forget them and I heard them in my formative idealistic years. I am not sure if they are my favorite favorites since I like so many songs. But these songs, I really feel them, Powerfully simply passionate.

Ti Amo – Laura Branigan

I did not know this song. I only heard it in passing. But it stuck in my head. But I never went looking for it. But it still stuck in my head. I only know this verse :

‘Ti Amo,

God how I love you so,

my heart just won’t let go,

ti amo ti amo ti amo …..’

Wow, I felt it powerfully, in her voice.


These two other songs I knew about came from Dirty Dancing.

Will you still love me tomorrow- The Shirelles


A version by Amy Winehouse, I was very sad about her. She has such a unique voice.


The Ronettes – Be My Baby


And this one, Words  by FR David . Usually, I hear and know only the chorus. And it explains how I usually feel and I feel so much and so strongly,

‘Words, don’t come easy, to me…..’

Writing101 – Day Two: A Room with a View

I absolutely hate the heat. Maybe I do not hate the dry heat. But I hate the muggy kind of city heat, the kind that does not allow me to sweat, yet envelopes and follows me no matter where I walk to. In that humid heat I feel my shirt on my back, sticking to me. I move feeling my skin pushing into the still thick air as if I were parting the Red Sea.

But it isn’t even that hot yet. It is only the early hint of the summer to come. How I dread the summer. To be walking in the concrete jungle surrounded by tall buildings which traps the air, the exhaust of those frequent and plentiful buses pulling off from their stops. The feel of that exhaust air particles weighted by the heavy water vapour on my exposed skin, on my face. I had often times  feel like  I would like to remove my skin as I remove my shirt off my back.

Perhaps I might like to get away? Not necessarily so.  I am comfortable enough were I to not move,to  just sit very quietly on my sofa that is draped with cool smooth sheets and to enter the world of Writing101 and Photoshop. In there I forget about my physical surroundings, reminded only when I shift positions as my skins cuts across the air again, even if only a little.

Enough, I get out of my apartment, take the lift into the cool lobby. I ask the receptionists about my appointment with the technicians.  My air conditioners are not yet ready for the climate change. The coolant is gone in one, and the other does not respond to the remote control.

Writing101- Day One: Unlock the Mind

Stream of Consciousness for 20 minutes.

It was fun and free. Now it is a pressure. So what on earth am I doing participating in Writing 101 ? That’s because I enjoyed Blogging 101 and I enjoyed Photo 101, so when Writing 101 came along, it was automatic that I’d sign up.

Stream of consciousness  writing is supposed to be freeing. But I feel the pressure and I am not too fond of it. I’d rather have a topic. And free form from that. How do you free form something from nothing?

In my life, I am blessed with tremendous choices, and since I like them all, it is quite difficult to settle on any one thing. So I move my life in all these directions, gaining basic knowledge and experience in a wide variety of things, but not too deep into any, except for the work that I do. But then in these variety of things, I began to pierce through life. I went deep into life, to understanding life and people, through these wide variety of things that I touch and experience.

Since I am free flowing talking, it is unnecessary for me to to explain. But even then,  how can you explain life itself ? How do you reduce the explanation of life into ? Such has been my query about life for many years. As I moved in life, as I moved through life, through it’s tragedies,  common place tragedies ( yes, terrible isn’t it?) , through it’s drama, through it’s colors, I began to get a sense about it. Especially as I got older in years.

So you see, if I were to write, it would be about life. But then like I said, life needs no explanation. Life itself will show you what it is. But it is our brain that seeks to know what life is, because if we understand life, we feel that we have a little bit more control over things, so in our tragedies we are better able to cope. We control our understanding of things. Whether those explanations are really so, it doesn’t really matter, because to us, it matters only if we didn’t feel so awfully bad. And that we can carry on and move forwards in our life.

So this is coming up to my 20 minutes of free writing minus  three paragraphs that I erased because it was just too difficult to start. Difficult to start to open the hose  of my stream of consciousness, and I have 2 minutes to spare.

Photo101 – Day Nineteen: Double & Rotation

Double and rotated from upright.

Photo101- Day Twenty: Triumph & Contrast

All Done ?   HAR HAR HAR !

Photo101- Day Eighteen: Edge & Alignment

Oh we are supposed to make the straight edges totally straight ? So much for reading instructions. Okay , So I adjusted this by 1.2 degrees.