Doing as I am told.


Writing101- Day One: Unlock the Mind

Stream of Consciousness for 20 minutes.

It was fun and free. Now it is a pressure. So what on earth am I doing participating in Writing 101 ? That’s because I enjoyed Blogging 101 and I enjoyed Photo 101, so when Writing 101 came along, it was automatic that I’d sign up.

Stream of consciousness  writing is supposed to be freeing. But I feel the pressure and I am not too fond of it. I’d rather have a topic. And free form from that. How do you free form something from nothing?

In my life, I am blessed with tremendous choices, and since I like them all, it is quite difficult to settle on any one thing. So I move my life in all these directions, gaining basic knowledge and experience in a wide variety of things, but not too deep into any, except for the work that I do. But then in these variety of things, I began to pierce through life. I went deep into life, to understanding life and people, through these wide variety of things that I touch and experience.

Since I am free flowing talking, it is unnecessary for me to to explain. But even then,  how can you explain life itself ? How do you reduce the explanation of life into ? Such has been my query about life for many years. As I moved in life, as I moved through life, through it’s tragedies,  common place tragedies ( yes, terrible isn’t it?) , through it’s drama, through it’s colors, I began to get a sense about it. Especially as I got older in years.

So you see, if I were to write, it would be about life. But then like I said, life needs no explanation. Life itself will show you what it is. But it is our brain that seeks to know what life is, because if we understand life, we feel that we have a little bit more control over things, so in our tragedies we are better able to cope. We control our understanding of things. Whether those explanations are really so, it doesn’t really matter, because to us, it matters only if we didn’t feel so awfully bad. And that we can carry on and move forwards in our life.

So this is coming up to my 20 minutes of free writing minus  three paragraphs that I erased because it was just too difficult to start. Difficult to start to open the hose  of my stream of consciousness, and I have 2 minutes to spare.


Blogging101 – Day Fifteen: Create a New Posting Feature

What? I barely caught up and it’s already ending ? 😦 I was looking forward to every morning awaiting my daily task.

But I learnt a lot that I never knew about, and for those that I did, I can now do.

For this particular assignment, I already have a blog that has a feature consistency. I should rename it  ‘Notes on the Run’. I didn’t write it for any of the Bloggng 101 purpose. I just didn’t want to forget the little word picture that spring into my head sometimes. It was my note taking, for when one day (yes, that one fine day) that I would write a book and have all these points in them. I wrote for no one in particular, maybe just future possible readers, so you can see I do not really engage anyone in dialogue.  But I was very happy to have One consistent reader called Newsferret who blogs from South Africa. I have been to South Africa, Cape Town. That is when I experienced and understood time eternal. Time just didn’t exist for those 16 days. And it is also the place of the most brilliant most saturated colors. Blue is blue, as the sky is clear blue. Red as red, yellows as it is. And the clear outlines of black around those colors in their art. I love these strong colors, that is why I got my initial Samsung Note 2 with Amoled Colors. Big screen for strong colors.

Every home strives to be unique in architecture and and colors, so my eyes were never bored. The roads were planted with roses in the divider. Roses, not just for vases and bouquets.

The sea smelt like the sea. Salty. That was also when I tasted the magical combination of oysters that some friends of friends went diving for, with South African white wine. OMG. The wine no longer tasted like wine, the oyster no longer just oyster. It became something different. That’s when I understood a little why it was called Aphrodisiac. It was truly magical. No I didn’t feel horny or anything but it felt really magical.

That was also the place where I noticed so many stars in the sky and wondered why they were so weird. So full in the middle and why nothing on the sides? That’s when I was told Milky Way. What? That’s Milky Way? Ah you see how ignorant I was, of real experiences.

Oh I was talking about South Africa, because I had one single reader who blogs from South Africa, and we were talking about the feature consistency of the day 15 assignment of Blogging101!

So that blog has a feature consistency, just not a time consistency. That blog occurred naturally and I will let it be so, while I put effort into learning all these other blogging aspects.

So let’s continue to get better at Blogging !

Blogging 101 : Day 2

Take Control of Your Title and Tagline

I just did that. And fiddled about Themes. Haven’t got a good one yet.

This and That

I really like WordPress.

I like the blank piece of white that awaits me

that woos me,

invites me

to Write.


Now with Android,

on the go,

it’s even more fun.

I think it’s the Potential of it

that keeps me very interested.




Now about the smart phone, I have never owned any sophisticated one my entire life. I did buy a cheap one years back for a try out but I hardly ever used any functions except make that phone call. At most, SMS. So I didn’t bother looking at anymore phone technology after that.

So what possessed me to buy that Samsung Galaxy Note on the whim ?

It was like this, I had gone to the cheapest phone company that I passed by, just because the biggest phone companies gave me plenty of crap and crap service plus not excellent reception over the years.  Now enticing with this and that, and locked in for two years and calculating rebates backwards and this and that. But when it comes to the fine print, We Know.

So I went into this shop enquiring about their charges and conditions when all of a sudden I noticed this Mr handling his brand new phone just out of the box being tested. Wow. Big. Wow, the colors. Wow, generous size and colours. Wow.

I asked ‘How much?’ and said ‘I want it’.

And that was it. I waited two weeks for mine. My contract is only for a year. I like that.

I don’t often spend a huge amount of money on technology. I don’t use them and they are usually not very user friendly. Having lost phones before, mobile things, I kept to the cheap phones, good for phone calls. I don’t even use it that much.

But the phone I was using had gone wonky. I dropped it so hard a few times, It must have gotten knocked out and damaged. I badly needed a replacement but because there is so much choice, my decision would be no decision.

So I got this nice Galaxy Note.

Nice it is.

And I discovered how much fun it is. The smartphone market has matured some, therefore stabilized. So one generation to the next will not be that huge a gap. This one has much memory plus SD card.

Plus the carrier says unlimited internet use plus wifi connection. It can even be its own wifi hotspot!

I had this phone for a while, someone introduced me to Whatsapp. I said what app? Last time I used messengers was ICQ that was the funnest time I had. Uh Oh !  Msn and Yahoo couldn’t beat that time.

So I got the Whatsapp. I didn’t use much of it.  I wondered why I spent so much money on it. But I liked that it’s big. I can see things in it more comfortably than a normal  phone size. And it is handier than the bigger tablets.

So WordPress was one of the earliest apps I downloaded. I use it to post quick short blogs.

I used it once to take pictures and post it right up, but it turned out upside down.

Ah but……..ever since I discovered the music apps, it became a fun and very useful piece. I learn to listen to Intervals on piano keys. I play games to guess that tone that I hear. I name my guitar frets and its tones. I use it so much for music. It even contains my score sheets. But it’s a tad small for that, but better than nothing when I forget to bring my music notes.

I am glad I got it. Fast, much memory. Simple to use.

Well forget about being paranoid with privacy issues and such. The permissions they ask for is akin to liberties to know where you are, who you call, who your friends are and what you use your phone for. Scary isn’t it?

But for the sake of my learning music, it’s fine.


My music ? It’s getting to be a whole lot of fun. The teacher got me to jam to the Wake Me Up before September by Greenday, which I was learning since the beginning on my guitar, which caused the cramps and the difficult Bm. I learn the drums for it. Pretty cool. Not smooth yet but pretty cool. I can sing along too !

The guitar? I learnt something exciting. I knew that it’s easy to spell out the ABCs along each string on each fret. It’s exactly laid out like the piano. But I could not figure out the chords. Today he taught me to Barre.  When you Barre F to G it holds the same shape. WOW ! And you keep going down the frets holding the same shape. That is real cool !

He said something about you can’t do the shape with open strings. So you Barre them, so that you can do it. You add One. Now that I am home , I want to ask, why add one ? What is that one ? But it is exciting that I get that piece of knowledge. There goes my new flesh again, unused flesh to be thickened. Ouch. F hurts because my finger sides have not been thickened. Just the finger tip.

Well I still have to  get the sounds out of the F but it is really exciting to know.

My Figure skating ? I learnt to do the half turn jump. I did it successfully without much ado unlike everything else that required the ado. It turned out to be similar to the 3-turn that I so painstakingly corrected.

My feet no longer cramp up. My only limitation to how long I can practise is the small deep muscles of my right butt. They still cramp, and tire out the fastest now.

And then someone else came to talk to me. I suppose since I can do the half turn, I qualify to talk to them and join their club ! They are more advanced than I.

Figure skating was not my sport, but it turns out to be so engaging and so interesting.


That’s a pretty long post for today.




WP Android

How do I start this blog ? I have lost the train of blogging. Events happened so fast, I wanted to capture the moments like a snapshot but the work that it would take, I begin to respect the scribe who tediously records everything.

My phone had its time, so I got a new phone. I am not one to spend on phones. I am not one to keep up with technology, it changes too fast. But when I went to check out the service plans of a different phone company, I saw this phone being unwrapped and tested out. I saw its brilliant colors, its generous size. I said ‘I want it.’

And so I got it. Just like that. Samsung Galaxy Note.

When I got the phone call, I didn’t even know how to answer it. I kept pressing this and that. It turns out that one has to press then slide. Huh !

One of the first things I did was of course download WordPress for Android.

The phone is brilliant. I enjoy owning it.

It also turns out that many other people I know got it too!

Yeah !



Project 365

I stare at the blank screen. With a blank mind as to what to write. It shouldn’t be so as my mind has plentiful things to write about. Perhaps writing is like guitar playing or ice skating. Everytime I go on the rink or start the guitar, I try out the basics. Everytime could be different.

For ice skating, the difference could be in the shoe being tight, different socks, the condition of my body that day, whether I am more or less stiff, whether I have been fatigued from the previous skate day, even how I feel emotionally and mentally. I can never really tell how my feet will be on ice, till it is on the ice and finds its way for the day.

Same as guitar. I don’t know how I would feel till my fingers hit the strings. Sometimes it is too painful. Sometimes my fingers start cramping. Sometimes I feel so good that my limber fingers actually overstretch, hitting too far from my required string. This last I found interesting. I do not know how my fingers will play that day, till they play.

Improvement is change. Every improvement also means something is different. One adapts to the new difference. Again and again.

So writing I presume must be similar ? It is not about the typing because I can essentially type without looking at the keyboard. It’s more about what comes out of my mind. That I have no clue how it works.

So my blogging is a means of finding out how it works, so that I can help it work consistently, knowing it.

This is my Project 365, finding out my own writing processes.


POD 2012, Hurray !

I really think WP is total cool. I was fiddling about with the new badge and I was very surprised that I figured out quickly what to do to replace the old badge and that it was simple to execute. I did slog over these in the beginning when I tried out WP last year. It paid off. What I learnt is mine to keep. WP does give me a lot of pleasure.

For some things I have a slow learning curve. That’s because a lot of my learning comes from experiencing and feeling things out by doing them. So instead of following straight instructions and going on to be an instant winner of a blogger, I’d rather just take the long route. The side routes. So I don’t follow the main themes. I look like I am almost falling by the wayside. In that case I am most probably examining that little weed growing in the hard ground. I am busy on the wayside !

If you notice, my blog Daily Stories is devoid of pictures. That’s because of how much I love the words. The plain simple type. Words on a page.

I know that WP will help me be a successful published writer !

I am plodding my way along. Feeling out things. Myself, my moods, my writing style, when I write, when I can’t write.

After a while of the fanfare of being public, being distracted by other people’s blogs, comments and every thing that goes on in the Daily Press, I will begin to come out with writings of substance. That much I know.

To be found only in Reader, works very well for me. I am half hidden, considered public. This means that I can keep writing without feeling totally exposed and self-conscious. Try scrolling down the reader. Only people with patience enough to go through the posts one by one can arrive to mine.

Being ‘followed’ can also make me feel self-conscious. Weird, huh.

Gee, I am feeling so excited. Why is that? It first started with the badges update. Now as I write this, it continues to an increased heart thumping.

I can now coax writing of substance by being feeling  a little safer. I think so. I won’t completely  know till I see what my upcoming posts look like.