Doing as I am told.


Photo101 -Day Eighteen: Edge & Alignment


Photo101 – Day Seventeen: Glass, Squared


At the Apple Store

Photo101-Day Sixteen: Treasure & Close-up


Dare you steal my pearl ?

Photo 101 – Landscape


Is this considered landscape?

Blogging101 – Day Fifteen: Create a New Posting Feature

What? I barely caught up and it’s already ending ? ­čśŽ I was looking forward to every morning awaiting my daily task.

But I learnt a lot that I never knew about, and for those that I did, I can now do.

For this particular assignment, I already have a blog that has a feature consistency. I should rename it ┬á‘Notes on the Run’. I didn’t write it for any of the Bloggng 101 purpose. I just didn’t want to forget the little word picture that spring into my head sometimes. It was my note taking, for when one day (yes, that one fine day) that I would write a book and have all these points in them. I wrote for no one in particular, maybe just future possible readers, so you can see I do not really engage anyone in dialogue. ┬áBut I was very happy to have One consistent reader called Newsferret who blogs from South Africa. I have been to South Africa, Cape Town. That is when I experienced and understood time eternal. Time just didn’t exist for those 16 days. And it is also the place of the most brilliant most saturated colors. Blue is blue, as the sky is clear blue. Red as red, yellows as it is. And the clear outlines of black around those colors in their art. I love these strong colors, that is why I got my initial Samsung Note 2 with Amoled Colors. Big screen for strong colors.

Every home strives to be unique in architecture and and colors, so my eyes were never bored. The roads were planted with roses in the divider. Roses, not just for vases and bouquets.

The sea smelt like the sea. Salty. That was also when I tasted the magical combination of oysters that some friends of friends went diving for, with South African white wine. OMG. The wine no longer tasted like wine, the oyster no longer just oyster. It became something different. That’s when I understood a little why it was called Aphrodisiac. It was truly magical. No I didn’t feel horny or anything but it felt really magical.

That was also the place where I noticed so many stars in the sky and wondered why they were so weird. So full in the middle and why nothing on the sides? That’s when I was told Milky Way. What? That’s Milky Way? Ah you see how ignorant I was, of real experiences.

Oh I was talking about South Africa, because I had one single reader who blogs from South Africa, and we were talking about the feature consistency of the day 15 assignment of Blogging101!

So that blog has a feature consistency, just not a time consistency. That blog occurred naturally and I will let it be so, while I put effort into learning all these other blogging aspects.

So let’s continue to get better at Blogging !

Photo101 – Day Fifteen: Landscape & Cropping



I have never seen a band take up so much horizontal landscape space.  But then I really enjoyed their Bossanova music on the football ground.

Photo101- Day Fourteen: Scale & Observation



Picture this by Frank in his post for the assignment with Legoland showed me the way! Can you tell where the scale is?